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Are you making the most common mistake entrepreneurs make when trying to grow their business? The mistake that results in wasted time, lost opportunity and endless frustration?

I watch the same small business destroyer play out all too often: entrepreneurs using generic labels to describe themselves and then going on and on about irrelevant details that mean nothing to their potential clients.

And the sad part is that most people don’t even realize they’re making these mistakes! All they know is they don’t have the results they want – and they’re not sure why.

Here’s the thing. Nobody buys your process; they buy your solution to their problem. If you are relying on a brand you may represent instead of your own personal story to connect to clients or just assuming everyone knows what you do by the label you attach to yourself, you are missing the mark.

And making everything harder for yourself.

What if instead you had your very own Magnetic Message authentic to you – to your unique business and your unique style? A Magnetic Message designed to:

Increase your ability to draw people into meaningful conversations about your business

Get more (and better!) referrals

Close more sales and do so easily

Fill your content calendar

All in one fell swoop!

I’m Erin Marcus and I have been teaching salespeople, entrepreneurs, and small business owners how to communicate with the intent for more than 20 years!

Starting with my BS in Communications and a MBA focused on marketing, I’ve been using Magnetic Messaging as one of the foundational pieces of my success throughout my corporate career and as a small business owner. Now as a business coach and consultant, Magnetic Messaging helps my clients grow their businesses further faster while having FUN doing it!

These are the secrets I've learned along the way:

Magnetic Messaging makes you BRAVE! Not just knowing what you’re going to say, but also being excited about saying it, helps you speak up about your business in ways you never thought possible.

Magnetic Messaging creates referrals without you having to push for them! Learn how to speak about your business in a way that naturally triggers other people to think about who matches up with the people you serve.

Magnetic Messaging closes sales! When your messaging gets really dialed in, closing sales becomes a natural extension of a comfortable conversation instead of a back and forth exchange of push and pull.

Creating Magnetic Messaging can be easier than you think! Why? Because it’s authentic to you. No trying to memorize scripts filled with jargon and words you wouldn’t use in everyday conversation. It’s all just you being you!

Magnetic Messaging helps you stand out! In a networking event filled with people who simply list their name and their business, a unique and compelling message can make you the most interesting person in the room.

Magnetic Messaging is a credential! Speaking confidently and creatively about your business shows a level of understanding about your client and what you can do for them that goes above and beyond the standard surface-level labels most people use to describe what they do.

Magnetic Messaging touches everything you’re doing to grow your business! Whether you are posting on social media, speaking in front of large audiences or going to networking events, you’re just wasting your time and money because none of it will work if you don’t have the right message.

Now imagine getting all of that in just ONE workshop!

June 9, 2022 - 10am-4pm CDT

Join In To Get:

A uniquely crafted Magnetic Message to enable you and your business to stand out from the increasingly noisy crowd.

The secret to connecting to more people in more situations who have already decided they’re interested in learning more about you and what you do.

A personal plan for all your marketing efforts to be more effective.

I’ve had clients pay thousands of dollars for me to create their Magnetic Messaging for them and now in this workshop, I will walk you through, step by step, how you can do it for yourself!

"Erin’s magnetic messaging formula is one of THE key things that has taken my business to the next level! …..Since creating a more attractive and authentic message, I leave events and one on one meetings feeling confident that the people I meet are intrigued by the work I do... Which has led to more meaningful conversations AND more clients! ... If you’re a business owner, you NEED a powerful message.

….. Thank you, Erin!"

-Lindsey A

As you can probably imagine, Magnetic Messaging is more important than ever before.

There is more and more noise out there that you need to be able to break through in order to be heard. Especially on social media.

Zoom meetings – whether with clients or for networking – might be convenient for saving money on gas, but now you no longer get to rely on the energy of being in person to help you make connections.

People are overwhelmed with continuing to figure out how to best handle more on their plate than they ever bargained for.

If you are going to be able to rise above it all and grow your business, Magnetic Messaging is the strongest and fastest way I know to do so because it’s the absolute foundation to all those other business-building strategies you’ve tried but can’t quite get to work for you.

No more running around feeling like all you’re doing is screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!” at anyone who will listen.

No more disappointment from talking to prospects that never become clients because they don’t quite “get you.”

No more frustration wishing you had “the perfect” way to explain your business.

Join us June 9, 2022

10am - 4pm CDT

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